Information for Women Tech Entrepreneurs

The number of women working in the technology sector is quite limited. This is the reason why we have launched Lady Pitch Night, to be able to help women in getting their start-ups and tech projects recognized and funded.

If you are selected as one of our women tech entrepreneurs, you will get complete support in ensuring that your tech project gets the funding it needs. Plus, our funders have committed to taking and building your tech idea or business from the ground to the next level. With us, you will be assured that you will definitely be able to break the glass ceiling when it comes to tech.

So how do we choose our women tech entrepreneurs?

  1. For us, age and interests do not matter. As long as you are a woman and you can demonstrate leadership skills and the courage needed to take your ideas and business to the next level. We want women who are fearless and know what they want.
  1. We want women who have great tech ideas which will result to great impacts when it comes to other women and the society as a whole. We do not just fund women, we fund dreams and the potentials of a better society. This is the ultimate reason why we are investing in women because we believe in their capacity to create a better society and a wonderful future.
  1. We want women who can demonstrate compassion and the capacity to help other women. Our work is entirely free. But we require payment in terms of getting our women tech entrepreneurs to pay it forward. We do not require payment for ourselves and for our funders but for those we have helped to provide support to others, especially to their fellow women.