Information for Funders

Lady Pitch Night is always on the lookout for potential partner-funders who will be able to take the projects of women-tech experts to the next level.

What do we require from funders?

  1. We require funders who have open minds and open hearts. Know that all of our women who are participating in our funding events have great potentials in making a difference through their tech projects. We require our funders to be open to these ideas and to look not just at the projects but more importantly its potential impacts on the lives of these women, their families and society.
  1. Our bottomline here is women empowerment. The reason why we have embarked on this particular journey is because we want to help women realize their dreams of working in the technology sector. We want to increase the number of women in tech and we want to ensure that they are given the proper support to do so. We require our funders to believe in the same goals and to have the same vision of creating a world where women can actively participate in tech.
  1. We require funders who will not only help our women through funding but will provide active support in all aspect of the project. This is to ensure that our women participants receive the full support required in order to excel in their field and to be able to bring their projects into the next level. We hope that our funders will be there to provide this kind of support.

If you think that you meet all of these requirements, let us know. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss the possibility of you being one of our partners in helping women break into tech.

Here’s hoping to meeting with you soon!