About Us

Lady Pitch Night is all about supporting women in the field of technology. Our aim is to increase the number of women working in technology, in the very diverse fields of medicine, manufacturing, robotics, information technology, research, biology, botany, product innovation, space, and so on.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what your age may be or where your interests lie. As long as you are a woman and you are engaged in a technological project, we want YOU!

We are an organization called Women in Tech. Lady Pitch Night refers to our regular events that we hold in support of the women we are promoting for funding by our partner investors. When you submit your applications to us about your technological project, we rigorously evaluate your project and then work by connecting you to a relevant funder.

To date, we are the only group engaged in this particular endeavor. There is no other organization that works to connect women technological entrepreneurs with funders who will be able to take their technology to the next level. We are doing this in our goal to increase the number of women working in technology and provide them all the support that they need.

Every year, Women in Tech holds at least 4 Lady Pitch Night events in various parts of the world. Last year, we held our events in New York City, United States; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France and Singapore, Singapore. This year, we aim to take our events to more locations and get as many participants as possible. We hope that you will be one of those women whom we will be able to help in the near future. If you are a woman working in technology and have a kick-ass project or idea, we strongly suggest that you contact us now.