buying gifts for men and women

Why You Should Buy Gifts For Your Employees!

Welcome to tech age, where talented employees are hard to find and even more difficult is to retain them.

You would think that employees will be happy with just there paychecks and the fact that they have a job in this market. And you are not wrong but there are exceptions to this thought.

As you grow your business you will learn that if you have a capable team who knows how to solve problems and do there job to perfection are the most important thing. If they are smart and capable of doing work on there own you will soon see the benefits of having them around for long.

Trust us when we say it that the first time a major crisis happens and your team solves it without it ever reaching you, you will want to hug them and you should . You should thank them for everything they have done for you.

Regular Team VS Superstars Team


What is a regular team? Well regular team is those who are replaceable they are the 9-5 completer and out of there types. They want to do the specific amount of work what they have been asked of initially and nothing else.

They don’t care if the company survives or not, all they want to do is there designated work and get there paycheck.

There is nothing wrong with them and they are absolutely right as people but when you are working on your startup these are not the people you can rely on. They won’t come to your aid when trouble strikes.

Those will come to your help at the time of crisis is your superstar team. They invest time in your business. They pitch ideas and methods to grow and do more with the company. They stand by you and support you.

These are the people you want sticking around for a long time but there is only one problem. The more bright and smart they are the more they are going to jump onto other opportunities.

Now you might say sure let them go, I will get somebody else. In which case I will ask you if you want to spend time head hunting a new employee and then training them only to find out they are actually useless? or would you rather spend a little bit of effort on keeping your top employees with you forever.

It is a fact that most major businessman spend quite a bit of time just strategist on how to keep there employees in the company.

Infact when Steve Jobs was outed by Apple the top guys left with him. That’s the kind of businesswoman you need to be, to lead a team with you.

All these talks about superstar employees I hope has made it clear on why it is important to keep them happy , now lets look into the type of gifts that you can buy.

Buying Expensive and funny gifts for men And Women.

Here is the thing, when buying a gift for your employee think about the rapport that you have with them. Are you more of friends then colleagues or there is a formal relationship.

Depending on that relationship you can decide what to gift them. Why not buy funny gifts for men who are also your beer buddies after work. If you are gifting a women employee it is advisable to not gift a dress because of sizing issues but a good ear ring or a new phone is in play and can be a great gift if they need it.

It is always a good idea to keep a small book of things that they need, Steve jobs once gifted a car to his secretary because she got late to work because her car broke down.

Now obviously don’t buy a car for your employees when your just taking off with your business but keep an eye out for little things like maybe they like reading books but don’t buy book. Gift them a kindle. Or they use a run down phone because they cannot find time to go and buy a new one or can’t afford it. Well gift them a phone.

I hope this clears out things on why and what gifts you should give to your top employees. It is always a bonus when they help grow the company the value of there gift increases too.


How To Start Your ‘Start Up’!

So you have set your mind on starting a new business or as it generally called a ‘Start up’ but wait you have an idea and more then that you have nothing.

You are lost in this wide world of business where you have heard everything is cut throat and it is a matter of survival but you don’t know how to start survival for you comes later on.

If that is the case then it is time to take a step back and understand what exactly are you doing and what exactly you want to do.

“The Plan”

Like with everything in life you need a plan and more so in business. You will be investing a lot of money in it and if you don’t plan a purpose for every dollar you spend you will burn yourself out and left in open.

To combat this burn out you need a plan and you need a good plan, a plan that works in your favor for the long term. No business becomes positive within months of launching and that is a fact so keeping that in mind you have to plan for your expenses in the long term.

Things like stationery, internet and other basic stuff might seem like small expenses but they all add up very quickly so it is important that you are spending only according to your plan and keeping a record for your expenses.

After you have started dealing with the small expenses it is time to take on the big expenses such as office space, employees etc.

So before you start your plan think about this:-

How much money do you have to allocate to this plan? And only assume you have half of it. When it comes to business, plans go out the window way to fast and you should not want that to happen with you.

Will the money that you are investing in this venture interfere with your personal life? If so how much? Business can create lot of tension and it doesn’t matter how well you think the idea will work it will be very stressful till the time it actually does well in the market.

This can mean you can hold your glass of wine, take out a notebook and start writing every little expense that you can face in this venture going ahead.

Remember! Lot’s of businesses or start ups fail because of no plan or oversight into what they will be doing or achieving. You can avoid all of this by planning ahead and being smart about it.


This is the second part of your start up, you have planned considered all costs and now it is time to execute. A lot of times you can plan and plan but without execution there won’t be much that you will be achieving.

In the next part of the series we will talk about executing your business plan and how you can achieve more then ever!